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  • Erin Yarbrough

OBC Legacy Project Partners

Ron Thiele reached out to Judy Tyrus, former Oakland ballet dancer. He sought her expertise and guidance to organize and make the OBC collection digitally accessible. After learning of the cloud-based digital archive management system developed by her company, he knew he had found a solution to meet the many challenges the Foundation and the Oakland Ballet are facing to help continue the empowering impact of the arts in our community. 

Ronn Guidi Foundation for Dance

ronn guidiAfter Guidi’s retirement from Oakland Ballet in 2001, he formed the Ronn Guidi Foundation for Dance. Its mission was to support performances of the Sergei Diaghilev Ballet Russes era ballets, early 20th century masterworks, and original ballets created by him and by dancers from the Company. 

Upon Guidi’s death in 2021, the foundation’s newly appointed, President, Ron Thiele, realized the historical and magical gift of dance that was hidden away in boxes, closets and storage facilities. Ronn Guidi had bequeathed a treasure trove of OBC’s history to the foundation.   

To help preserve these past works and utilize them to build on the historic legacy of OBC, the foundation has made digital preservation of the OBC Legacy archive a priority in order to create a living and accessible resource for the restaging of works, training and inspiring the public’s understanding of the dance company’s contribution to the art of ballet.

Oakland Ballet Company

Oakland Ballet Company is a non-profit, performing arts organization that reflects the diversity of Oakland and the greater East Bay. The mission of the Oakland Ballet Company is to provide accessible, relevant, and exciting dance that inspires and educates all ages of our diverse community.

Under the Direction of Graham Lustig since 2010, OBC is an Isadora Duncan award-winning dance organization comprised of a diverse professional performing company, a comprehensive educational program, and a summer intensive. Our vision is much larger than our name might imply. Our reach is wider than Oakland – spanning much of the East Bay. While we embrace classical ballet at our core, OBC’s programs employ many dance styles, musical genres, and collaborations with a diverse roster of local artists.


ChromaDiverse’s Digital Vault is a digital asset management system that not only preserves the past but is developed to be a “living archive” with the capacity to grow with each performance year.  Once in place, it provides easy access to photos, videos, programs, press coverage and other company history for everyday marketing, fundraising, training, restaging choreographic works and research.

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