Powerful search. Easy to use. Cost effective.

Saving time and money while helping dance companies build their greatest asset – legacy.


Expert Cataloguing

Multifaceted taxonomy designed for dance companies

Powerful Search

Sorting tools that let you find what you need fast 

Promotional Tools

Video clipping, one‑click sharing, downloading and high‑resolution capture

Management Tools

Multiple security levels, usage reports and photo‑rights tracking


No additional per person charges, expandable storage and simple onboarding

Seamless Implementation

Consulting, training, and on-going support


The CD DigitalVault™ makes it easier for marketers to create and promote. We have developed a user-friendly solution to access content across multiple media types. This improves productivity for everyday tasks including production of promotional collateral, social media posts, press releases, and event advertising.



Fundraisers will find the CD DigitalVault™ a valuable tool for research, accessing and downloading media content to enhance presentations, grant applications, branded swag, campaigns, donor event invitations and other communications.

Special Projects

With the depth of historical information at your fingertips in the CD DigitalVault™, the realm of possibilities is endless. The process of writing books, articles, curating exhibitions, and producing films is vastly improved – saving time and money.


Whether it is showing previous work to company dancers, school students, librarians, and dance historians, the CD DigitalVault™ makes it easier for all to view and learn.

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