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Archives are frequently ignored because they are hidden in closets or saved on outdated digital formats. But they are invaluable for celebrating legacy, licensing past works, and engaging loyal fans and alumni. The “living archive” moves archiving from a separate project to a real-time process with day-to-day operational activities such as marketing, fundraising, training, and external communications.

It offers far more capabilities than just saving and sharing documents.

  • Significant cross-reference cataloguing with powerful search across a wide variety of factors (e.g., performer/year/name of works/type of asset) with a simple query.
  • Exceptional security controls, allowing you to tailor who has access to different parts of your CD DigitalVault™
  • Expandable memory capabilities, seamlessly enabling future growth.
  • Compatible with CD SmartCapture™, making the process of incorporating historical performance information from programs simple and fast.
  • Compatible with paywall programs for licensing and swag or ticket sales.
  • Valuable rights management features, protecting you against any unauthorized use of digital assets.

Yes! We would love to demonstrate the ease and power of the CD DigitalVault™. Please reach out to us using our contact form to schedule a demonstration.

Any image, program, press article or video saved in a standard digital format can be added to the CD DigitalVault™. Every archive can be different, however, so we always provide a consultation and review with each client to recommend how best to do it.

No. CD staff will help in setting it up and training. Once set up, it will be easy to use across your organization.

Navigating through an extensive physical archive can feel overwhelming but it’s not an all or nothing task. The beauty of a “living archive” is the ability to load as much as you want into it at a pace that makes sense for you. Simply start with the most important parts and see how quickly it makes your everyday easier and more efficient.

The base cost starts at $7,500 per year.  This includes 1/2 TB of storage, training and ongoing customer support throughout the year.  Clients can purchase additional storage as needed at an incremental cost.

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