EN FACE Magazine Cover - Dance Theatre of Harlem, Apr 19-23, 2023 - New York City Center
Oakland Ballet Company Program, Ronn Guidi, Artistic Director | Paramount Theatre, Oakland | Michael Morgan conducting members of the Oakland East Bay Symphony, Saturday, October 25, 2008. Ronn Guidi's Romeo & Juliet excerpts. Ron Theile's How'd They Cath Me? Michael Lowe's Bamboo with special musical performance by Melody of China. Presented by Chevron and the Ronn Guidi Foundation

Historical Performance Data Being Uploaded into the DigitalVault

Over 300 programs of Dance Theatre of Harlem and Oakland Ballet Company, 1965–2008, have been inventoried and scanned. THANK YOU OBC alumna volunteer Gianna Davy and CD team member Abby Donnenfeld! Thanks also to the artists from both companies for loaning your programs!

Our next step will be to upload the historical performance metadata into the DigitalVault using proprietary CD SmartCapture™ software by ChromaDiverse.

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CD SmartCapture™ AI Service Now Available!

With Microsoft Partner, MNP Digital, and using AI, ChromaDiverse has developed the CD SmartCapture™ tool, which captures historical performance information found in Playbills™ in a digital format that can be easily uploaded into the CD DigitalVault™. We are excited to share that the OBC Legacy Project is currently using this technology.

Key information includes date of the performance, venue, name of the piece, choreographer, principal dancers, set/lighting/costume designers, and donors. Identifying these pieces of information automatically, the CD SmartCapture™ technology captures this pertinent data twenty times (20x) faster than manual entry, reducing labor and increasing accuracy.

This essential information becomes the historical backbone of the performing arts organization’s archive. An accurate chronology makes researching and linking associated digital audio and video assets to one another easier.

Interested? Please reach out to us to learn more.

Honoring Our Trailblazers

Our ChromaDiverse “Trailblazers in the Arts” spotlights tell the stories of featured artists with a lifelong commitment to giving back to their community. Our featured artist this month is Stephanie Powell. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our weekly postings!

Carol Rheiner & Abra Rudisill Collections

A big THANK YOU to Abra Rudisill and Carol Rheiner, who have granted the OBC Legacy Project access to their personal archival collections—a wonderful mix of performance photographs, behind-the-scenes snapshots, programs, press, and other ephemera from the 1970s–2000s.

The press includes reviews of OBC in the San Francisco Chronicle, The Tribune, Dance Magazine, and elsewhere. These provide additional insight and historical context for Oakland Ballet Company’s cultural contributions to the community.

Susan Tidball Noble, Abra Rudisill, and Jenna Rita McClintock
Photo: From left to right, Susan Tidball Noble, Abra Rudisill, and Jenna Rita McClintock

OBC Legacy Project Volunteer Committee and More!

We want to thank OBC alumni Lisa Becker Gerould, Gianna Davy, and Ilana Goldman for volunteering their time. Big thanks to Dexter Jung for uploading videos! Their efforts to locate other alumni and help fundraise to keep the project moving forward are invaluable and impressive! Interested in learning more about the project? Check out www.OBCLegacy.org

Still Seeking Programs

THANK YOU to those who have sent in programs thus far. Please keep them coming! For OBC, there are many still missing from the company on tour. If you have any, please contact us.

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