elena dominguez-bartley dancing in a white leotard
Photo Credit: Elena Dominguez-Bartley
Photo by James Strickland 

Trailblazers in the Arts

“Trailblazers in the Arts” has inspired a project to capture the impact of dancing with Dance Theatre of Harlem. Alumni are sharing their stories to remember the vision started by Arthur Mitchell and Karel Shook.

Learn more at www.chromadiverse.org.

Honoring Our Trailblazers

Iyun Ahsani Harrison

Clancyworkds Builds a Digital Archive

clancyworks archival project: preserving 25 years of dance history | polaroids of dancers
3 dancers
Photo: From left to right:
Adrienne Clancy, Evan Davidson, Mirium Muntz
Photo by Fernando Silva

Congratulations to Jubilee American Dance Theatre!

Photo by Vin Eiamvuthikorn (@vin.vuthikorn on Facebook & Instagram)

Our CD DigitalVault ™ user performed at the Peninsula International Dance Festival, featuring over 200 artists from 12 countries.

An Archive at Work!

“We use our DigitalVault as a teaching tool. We put choreography notes, music, and videos in a folder to help our new dancers prepare for upcoming performances.”

Mal Mead – Dancer, Jubilee American Dance Theatre

OBC Legacy Project Intern

THANK YOU to our intern, Abby Rosenfeld, who has been digitizing programs sent in by alumni.  

Still Seeking Programs

We are still seeking programs for DTH and OBC performances. If you have any, please contact us.

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