Dance/USA played a pivotal role in inspiring me to embrace the importance of archiving as I moved from dancer to exhibit maker for Dance Theatre of Harlem (DTH). I went on to co-author a book about DTH and then launched ChromaDiverse to make archiving easier in the performing arts. So, it’s extra special for me to be honored with the Dance/USA Ernie Award, 2023.

“The ‘Ernie’ Award is given to an individual working “behind the scenes” within the infrastructure of the national dance community, who has demonstrated extraordinary leadership, outstanding value in the ecosystem, and whose achievements have influenced and significantly advanced the work of artists and supported their creativity.”

To read more about this award, the other honorees and to register for the conference, please click on the link below.

Dance/USA 2023 Honorees – Dance/USA (danceusa.org)

Judy Tyrus
CEO/Founder ChromaDiverse, Inc.

Honoring Our Trailblazers

We have started our “Trailblazers in the Arts” spotlights. It was easy to choose Arthur Mitchell as our first. An amazing contributor to the world of dance but also the man who launched so many other careers. These “spotlights” will be posted on our Social Media accounts so please follow us to enjoy a bit of history with each one. Storytelling is a rewarding feature of a CD Digital Vault, and we love sharing them. In case you have missed them, click on the image of Arthur Mitchell below, to view our first spotlight!

black and white photo of arthur mitchell with 'trailblzers in the arts' and a ChromaDiverse logo
Arthur Mitchell – Photo by Martha Swope

At ChromaDiverse We: Preserve, Protect and Present

drawing of a woman in a yellow dress costume
Scriabin Concerto, Designer: Stephen K Simmons, circa 1974.

The OBC Legacy Project is in full swing! Thanks to Valerie Stewart at the Ronn Guidi Foundation for Dance and many former dance artists we are surfacing gems from storage units to preserve and digitize. Here is a photo of a costume design that could be the only evidence of its existence.  

“ChromaDiverse has been a great organization to work with. They’ve been responsive to our suggestions, offered us many ideas on how to organize our content, convert and move it from other sites, suggested third-party tools for creating professional graphics and because they come from the world of dance, we speak the same language.”

Mal Mead, Jubilee American Dance Theatre

Jubilee American Dance Theatre performing in the San Francisco Dance Festival, 2009

Be a Part. Preserve the Art

“Being able to get lost in the history of any dance company is unique for today’s generation with all the advances of digital media and internet access. But most dance companies don’t have the resources to access their own histories, much less provide public access. This is a great prototype for future platforms where you don’t only read about a performance work, you get to interact with it”.

Richard Chen-See, Director of Licensing, Paul Taylor Dance Company

We are very excited about the upcoming I [heart] Oakland Ballet Gala

Date: April 15, 2023
Location: Bloc15, Jack London Square
Time: 6:00-9:30pm

Please support Oakland Ballet and meet us there so we can tell you more about the OBC Legacy Project!
I Love Oakland Ballet Gala Tickets & Sponsorships (ejoinme.org)

Oakland Ballet Company Legacy Project: Preserving, Protecting, and Presenting OBC's History. Learn More & Support at OBCLegacy.org. BE A PART. PRESERVE THE ART. Oakland Ballet, Graham Lustig, Artistic Director Logo. Ronn Guidi Foundation for Dance logo. Powered by ChromaDiverse.

judy tyrus holding her book with Dance Theatre of Harlem students
We are thrilled that our book, Dance Theatre of Harlem: A History, A Movement, A Celebration is being used as a teaching tool in schools and universities around the country!

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