I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to dance majors at Spelman College about “Conventional and Inventional Career Choices.” Big thanks to Angela Harris for inviting me.

I also presented to archival students from the Students and New Archives Professionals (SNAP) section of the Society of American Archivists at UC Berkeley. SNAP advocates for and addresses the needs of aspiring or early-career archivists, students, and interns. It provides a forum for them to share their questions and learn from others in the profession. Thanks to Marissa Friedman for making that happen.

We are headed to the 2023 Dance/USA conference in Atlanta on June 13th-16th. It’s a fabulous place to connect and learn. We hope to see you there! For more information and to register for the conference, please click on the link below.

Dance/USA 2023Honorees – Dance/USA (danceusa.org)


Judy Tyrus

Founder/CEO ChromaDiverse, Inc.

Project Updates

The Oakland Ballet Legacy Project

The CD team and members of the Ronn Guidi Foundation for Dance visited the archival storage warehouse to survey the many boxes of programs, Playbills™ and videotapes.

obc legacy project | oakland ballet, graham lustic, artistic director | ronn guidi foundation for dance | powered by chromadiverse

Creating Chronology from Chaos!

a stack of old video tapes
a stack of black binders

We discovered some beautiful design drawings, boxes of videos, photographs, and many more artifacts from OBC’s history.

drawing of woman in white dress
Nutcracker Design Drawing by Stephen K. Simmons

Nutcracker Design Drawing by Stephen K. Simmons

There were thirty-seven film reels “at risk,” meaning they are in danger of being damaged. ChromaDiverse applied for a Recordings at Risk grant from the Counsel on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) to cover the cost of saving them.


The Marbeth Legacy Project

We started curating and uploading the Marbeth Legacy Project photograph collection into its own CD DigitalVault™.  

Marbeth Elizabeth Schnare, known simply as “Marbeth” in the industry, had an idiosyncratic and candid photographic style that memorialized her subjects in priceless ways. She was loved and respected by dancers and performers worldwide. Through her photos, she chronicled their stories.

Check out our social media posts on both Facebook and Instagram as we highlight some gems from the collection.      

charmaine hunter running back into the theatre of Harlem to make her stage entrance
Photo: Marbeth, Courtesy of the book, Dance Theatre of Harlem: A History, A Movement, A Celebration

“At NY City Center, the set blocked the backstage crossover during Dance Theatre of Harlem’s Creole Giselle. Dancer Charmaine Hunter had to exit the stage through a trapdoor and run around the block to make her entrance on the other side.”

Honoring Our Trailblazers

ChromaDiverse’s “Trailblazers in the Arts” spotlights tell the stories of featured artists with a lifelong commitment to giving back to their community. Our featured artist this month is Lorraine Graves. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our weekly postings!

Unfortunately, the video is no longer available.

ClancyWorks Dance Company “Living Archive”

Upon receiving a grant from the State of Maryland, ClancyWorks Dance Company engaged ChromaDiverse to help them build a DigitalVault™ to present their historical archive and incorporate it into their everyday activities. The CD DigitalVault™ and CD SmartCapture™ tools not only protect and preserve artistic legacy but also create a “living archive” that makes marketing, fundraising, training, licensing, and rework of past works easier and more cost effective.

two dancers using a piece of furniture

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