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OBC Program details uploaded into CD DigitalVault

Gianna Davy has been collecting performance programs and photos from Oakland Ballet Company members and staff. She has received quite a few items to inventory and scan for the project. 

THANK YOU to those who have sent some in. Please keep them coming!

Interested in learning more about the project? 

Check out www.OBCLegacy.org

gianna and eric scanning photos
oakland ballet '84 magazine cover
An OBC Program from 1984 with OBC dancers Richard Chen See and Abra Rudisill
gianna holding a photo
Gianna holding an OBC alumni photograph before scanning

Discovered fabulous photos of the Oakland A’s Dancing!

dave stewart and erin leedom stretch at a ballet barre
Former Oakland A’s player Dave Stewart stretching with OBC principal Erin Leedom

“When Dave came to the studio, he was funny and lighthearted. There were lots of giggles. When we performed, I remember the audience was laughing a bit, but absolutely cheering at the end. Nothing like that had ever been done before. Oakland Ballet was the first.”

Erin Leedom
Principal OBC dancer Joy Gim performing “Arabian” with Dave Stewart
Principal OBC dancer Joy Gim rehearsing with A’s manager Tony LaRussa
Principal OBC dancer Joy Gim rehearsing with A’s manager Tony LaRussa

The Marbeth Legacy Project

We started curating and uploading the Marbeth Legacy Project photograph collection into its own CD DigitalVault™.  

Marbeth Elizabeth Schnare, known simply as “Marbeth” in the industry, had an idiosyncratic and candid photographic style that memorialized her subjects in priceless ways. She was loved and respected by dancers and performers worldwide. Through her photos, she chronicled their stories.

Check out our social media posts on both Facebook and Instagram as we highlight some gems from the collection.      

Principal DTH dancer Donald Williams climbs the stairs at NY City Center, costumes in hand. He is in makeup (done by him) for the Geoffrey Holder tour de force, Banda. His performance in the role of Baron Samedi was lauded by critics! Photo: Marbeth
His performance in the role of Baron Samedi. Photo: Marbeth

Honoring Our Trailblazers

ChromaDiverse’s “Trailblazers in the Arts” spotlights tell the stories of featured artists with a lifelong commitment to giving back to their community. Our featured artist this month is Charmaine Hunter. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our weekly postings!  

ClancyWorks Dance Company A New ChromaDiverse Partner

“Our archive is not only focused on our legacy. It includes numerous interviews, classes, rehearsals, and choreographic processes from significant leaders in the dance world.”

Dr. Adrienne Clancy, Founder and Artistic Director of ClancyWorks Dance Company

dance/USA 2023 conference, june 13-16 | atlanta


We are headed to the 2023 Dance/USA conference in Atlanta on June 13th-16th. It’s a fabulous place to connect and learn. We hope to see you there! For more information and to register for the conference, please click on the link below.

Dance/USA 2023Honorees – Dance/USA (danceusa.org)


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