friday, august 28, 1992 front page of Sowetan newspaper

THE PHOTO CAPTION READS: Members of the neo-classical Dance Theatre of Harlem toured Soweto yesterday. The dancers are here for the company’s historic premier on September 15th at the long-awaited opening of the new Johannesburg Civic Theatre. Photo: Len Kumalo

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Trailblazers in the Arts

— a series featuring artists with lifelong commitments to giving back to their communities.

Christopher Charles McDaniel

Oakland Ballet Company Dancers

newspaper clipping: de mille's legend gets its due - monday, spetember 29, 1986

THE PHOTO CAPTION READS: Summer Lee Rhatigan, Don Schwennesen, and Allyson Dean in Fall River Legend

OBC Legacy Project Updates

A HUGE THANK YOU to our OBC Legacy Project Volunteer Gianna Davy, who has collected and inventoried over 300 Oakland Ballet Company programs.

gianna davy, lead project volunteer, reviewing archive materials. she is wearing white cloth gloves
desktop view of archive materials, a laptop, and archival gloves
abby donnenfeld

“I am so happy to be working for ChromaDiverse! I think the work they are doing is extremely relevant and necessary for the field of dance. As an emerging professional dance artist myself, I am grateful to be in a community where dance history is preserved and honored.”

—Abby Donnenfeld, ChromaDiverse Archive Associate
abby donnenfeld dancing with silks
Dance Artist: Abby Donnenfeld

Abby is making great progress digitizing donated programs from Dance Theatre of Harlem friends and artists. Thanks so much to those who have donated so far!

Still Seeking Programs

We are still seeking programs for DTH and OBC performances. If you have any, please contact us.

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